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[slideshow_deploy id=’212′]Red Lodge Round 4 of British Championship brought scorching weather.
Practice day went went well with Dan and Osh both liking the grippy track. Osh qualified 3rd despite battling terrible hayfever and Dan qualified 4th with the front group having 100ths between them.
Race day was the hottest day of the weekend. Osian was taken off in his first race but pushed through to get 5th and, got 2nd his second race and 3rd in his last making him 3rd overall.
Dan kept his position in the first race and was almost wheel to wheel with Max Cook in the second but started to drop off and just after the chequered flag the bike seized.  This was found to be because the bike had overheated and the engine practically ‘cooked’.

Everyone thinks that this is the closest mini GP70 class in a long time and Dan is very proud to have been part of that and sad that this was his last outing.

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